Friday, June 24, 2011

Dinosaur - T Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is the dinosaur that the boys really want. So this is a T Rex that I designed. It was inspired by a four balloon design that looked a lot like Godzilla, but I figured I could do it with a single balloon. My only real issue with this is the pinch pop in this figure. Remember to give the pinch pop as long as you can to allow the rubber settle and cold weld. I will usually give a 5 year old a stegosaurus instead of this as the child will destroy this figure in about five seconds. However a 10 year will be quite happy with this when they are not trying to disassemble it. I am now working on a two balloon T Rex so I do not get these issues. Instructions to make this darling of the Late Cretaceous are below.

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